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snowy prayer w/ horn concerto no. 2 in e-flat major

Emily Murman

I gallop through the snow falling like down

breathe it in, let it steam in the pink

edges of my lips & nostrils


I peel off my sweaty leather gloves

reach for the fluff, let my hands chill

like fresh meat in a freezer


I listen to my childhood favourite

horn concerto & think of my weird

childhood crush on mozart


specifically leap pad learning systems mozart

& academy award-nominated tom hulce mozart


I squint at the periwinkle sky which

matches my scarf & also a vein some

fine lady of his time might’ve painted on

it matches a real dead carotid artery too


I think of the funeral scene in amadeus

which is probably highly fictionalized

yet remains jarring even to me


pathetically sensitive I wonder if my eyes sting

from snow or this or that one perfect pause

the french horn just took


dear mozart,

I hope you were handled w/ at least a little

more grace


seeing you slide out of that trap-door casket

like a wiggly sack of potatoes was too much


dear lord,

please help me stop thinking about death

all day long


Emily Murman

Emily Murman

Emily Murmanis an autistic poet & mortuary student from Chicago. She was awarded the GailDeHerder Memorial Prize in Creative Writing in April 2019 and holds an MFA in creative writing from National University. She has written two chapbooks, “SHRIVEL AND BLOOM” (Dancing Girl Press, June 2021) & “I want your emergency” (Selcouth Station Press, July 2021). She can be found on Twitter & Instagram @emilymurman.

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