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A mental health collective

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Mental health is rarely discussed, and even when it is, many people are not given a seat at the table. As a result, those most affected by mental health issues often feel helpless and isolated, with no idea of what to do. This also makes it hard for others to understand what it's like to face these struggles, which creates a barrier for offering support. 

We at Fig:ment believe that it is through art that we often best understand ourselves and those around us. Whatever our art – fiction, poetry, comic strips, etc. – we all have something unique to say, and when we use it to talk about what we’re struggling with inside our heads, we can open up a dialogue and show people dealing with similar issues that they aren't alone.

Fig:ment is a place to explore writing and art about mental health, mental illness, neuro-diversity, and the mind in the body in ways that are not given space to exist anywhere else. We're hashing out a place for "publication existence" and whatever link it has to "existence existence." We're carving out a meaningful space in a crowded world for people coping with various issues to exist, discuss, and create.

We’ll be open books. We hope you’ll join us.

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Feel free to send us a message via our email address. Alternatively, you can submit your questions or comments using the contact form here.

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