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Myna Wallin

You could power the city’s

electrical grid with your personal dynamism.

You are awake, present, ferociously excited,

fascinated by everything.

Mania sneaks up on you like Tequila.

You’re Maria in The Sound of Music, twirling.

The idea that sleeping is a waste

creeps in. You are fully dressed,

wearing galoshes, crumpled on a chair

in front of the droning TV, absorbing the sunrise.

Muddled, you can’t sleep, not even

by the TV not even a catnap—

you’re in deep space

now. You call your boyfriend, 3 AM

Do you want to break up with me?

Somebody is moving and hiding things

in your home, creating piles of detritus, unpaid

bills, medication. A sprite

hides your drink between sips.

You tumble through weeks

until self-preservation finally makes

an appearance. When you see

constant alarm on loved one’s faces,

fearful for your cognition.

Once the chaotic energy has wrung

you dry, a weird clarity

emerges. Shaking a fist

at a careless God.

Mania was published by NōD Magazine, Issue #27, Summer 2021


Myna Wallin

Myna Wallin

Myna Wallin, Toronto poet and prose writer, was recently published in The Antigonish Review, Vallum Magazine, The Quarantine Review, NōD Magazine, Sledgehammer Literary Magazine, and The Miramichi Reader, among others. Upcoming poems will appear in EVENT Poetry & Prose. Myna has a master’s degree in English from University of Toronto. Her latest poetry collection, Anatomy of An Injury, was published by Inanna Publications in 2018. Wallin was recently longlisted for the Nick Blatchford Occasional Verse Contest!

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