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Wrong With Me

Jaeger Cormack


Walking up the stairs

With one boot on my foot

I’ll take these pills that make me ill

And take all these dirty looks

Asking for a smoke

From a group of students scared

Walk into Emergency

With my heart completely bared

Ooooooh. Is there something wrong with me?

My fingernails are dirty, and I haven’t washed my feet

Ooooooh. Is there something wrong with me?

Is that me in the magazine?

Is that me on TV?

Olanzapine and Lithium

Making me so dull

I’ve been set free but inside me

There remains a tedious lull

Talking to my friends

They say I’ve changed for the bad

My voice is trembling

My tone is unbearably sad


Jaeger Cormack

Jaeger Cormack

Jaeger Cormack is an artist/musician living in Vancouver. He has practiced his art since he was 21, and through 7 hospitalizations for schizoaffective disorder over the years. He is now 48. His music often does not deal with themes of illness, but the two songs published in Fig:ment Magazine do. Are You Talking To Me depicts the first time he had an episode of psychosis, and the subsequent hospitalization. Wrong With Me is a song about living in institutions and taking medication. The songs deal with the euphoria and the devastation of the illness.

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