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The Outer Darkness

Mary Ann Honaker

I like people who are shattered and all their coins

chime out from their ruptured porcelain. No one

is pure: I don't trust a polished finish, a man

whose locks are locked down by gel. I like

people who wear their opinions on t-shirts,

kids with too many buttons and patches,

trying to spell out who and what they are.

I like punks who don't give a fuck about saying fuck,

anywhere, anytime; people who sketch and sew

and write and hope like water from a lake's spillover.

I like the ones who've been kicked aside, out

of every paradigm, who've stood in frank light

to examine the thing they've exited: no fence, no frame,

nothing at all keeping everyone corralled.


Mary Ann Honaker

Mary Ann Honaker

Mary Ann Honaker is the author of Becoming Persephone (Third Lung Press, 2019), and the chapbooks It Will Happen Like This (YesNo Press, 2015) and Gwen and the Big Nothing (The Orchard Street Press, 2020). Her poems have appeared in Bear Review, JMWW, Juked, Little Patuxent Review,, Sweet Tree Review, and elsewhere. Mary Ann holds an MFA in poetry from Lesley University. She currently lives in Beaver, West Virginia.

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