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gaydar for the self-inflicting

Noelle Thomas

The first time we talked about self-harm

we were sitting outside at a picnic table

in the dark. The cold surface seeped into

my bones as we bore our souls to each other.


We came up with the term “son-harm”

like sonar or gaydar but for self-harm.

It was another way in which we clicked,

we understood each other.


I noticed your doodles, art but not Art.

Art is the behavior, art is a coping mechanism.

I second guess myself, don’t even trust

myself to sharpie my own skin.


And then I Arted and told you.

You helped me cover up,

you coloured an intricate pattern

over the angry red lines.


Noelle Thomas

Noelle Thomas

Noelle Thomas is a queer, disabled creator from the greater Philadelphia area. She can be found online under the name Nowhalle. She is a lover of space (both outer and personal), goats, and Doctor Who. She loves to spend time with her cat (Everest) and drink tea with her friends.

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