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dream behavior

Tanya Castro

i walk out of my dream


            my body lays there

            the body doesn’t react

            body does nothing

            not even believe it is dead


i approach the front door


            leaving my body behind

            outside the body there is fear

            what was the dream i can’t remember

            there is reality in the ghost of me


i start to confess


            ghost looking at the sun

            staring at the man

            ghost thinks it feels salvation

            notices the sky is left open


i am not sure i am being saved


            the rain doesn’t come

            there is no dream

            the flood never happens

            body lays, left for dead


Tanya Castro

Tanya Castro

Tanya Castrois a writer from Oakland, California. She holds an MFA in Poetry from Saint Mary’s College of California. Tanya’s work is a Best of Microfiction(2022 winner), as well as nominated for Best of the Net 2021. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in The Acentos Review, Anser Journal, FEED Lit Mag, Lost Balloon and Mason Jar Press.

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