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Mozid Mahmud

Independence, freedom and democracy

We have begun to hate the three words

Not long ago they were the love of our lives

Once upon a time these holy words

Cleansed our hearts; soaked to the skin

In full rain we talked about a scripture

We learned A for Abraham and America

J for Jefferson and saw Washington

Uplifting another planet onto our neck

We called the logic of God; yet knowing

The horrors of limitless killing we were on your side

But apparently your fall and trickery are

Dragging us into the deep den

The past beliefs are now the cause of our suffering

Your contribution to the valleys and lakes

That we thought to be our harbor

And it is you who polluted its drinking water

Withering away trust.


Mozid Mahmud

Mozid Mahmud

Mozid Mahmud is a poet, novelist, and essayist based in Bangladesh. Some of his notable works include In Praise of Mahfuza (1989), Nazrul – Spokesman of the Third World (1996), and Rabindranath’s Travelogues (2010). He has been awarded the Rabindra-Nazrul Literary Prize and the country’s National Press Club Award, among others. Recently, his essay on literary capitals of Bengal was published by Commonwealth Writers' Adda:

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