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50 TV Channels

Mirm Hurula

The TV is on.

“That’s insane”


Change the channel.

“That’s almost crazy enough to believe”


Change the channel.

“Damn, it made me near suicidal”


Change the channel

change the channel

change the channel




There is one TV in my psychiatric unit

with over 50 channels

Those 50 channels portray us

we aren’t human


Like our struggles



Mirm Hurula

Mirm Hurula

Mirm Hurulais an emerging author and poet learning to write in genres they've been interested in since they were in elementary school. Mirm was named one of the top 10 collegiate poets in 2019 and 2020, by Bass/Schuler Entertainment. They received a fellowship for Martha's Vineyard's Institute for Creative Writing's Conference in Summer 2021. They’ve had multiple publications with their university's undergraduate journal, The Catalyst. Mirm incorporates brown and queer stories into every piece to give representation they craved as a young reader. They hope that their stories can uplift and center voices that haven’t seen the mainstream.

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